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Project Details “LEED Certified Home”

This LEED home was designed by Seattle architects Tom Bosworth and Steve Hoedemaker of Bosworth Hoedemaker.

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This new construction Vashon Island home  was a complicated build due to many factors. Mainly because of the unique property dynamics, the Puget Sound to the north and a wetland to the south. The shoreline critical and wetland areas made the construction process more challenging. In order to not disturb the wet land we built a bridge over it.

Unique features the house has are the two lighthouse towers--which are actually sleeping quarters--a cast concrete fireplace and white painted custom cabinetry and paneling.   


  • Durable construction and finishes
  • Low and zero VOC finishes and paints
  • Reclaimed timber flooring (from a local school gym)
  • Water catchment system for laundry, toilets and irrigation
  • WaterSense toilets and fixtures
  • High efficiency irrigation system
  • Daylight design
  • Locally made doors and windows 
  • Recycled content counters
  • Permeable driveway
  • Restored wetland (with a bridge over the wetland reducing impact of traffic)
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures, lamps and dimmer switches
  • Sustainably harvested lumber
  • Closed cell foam insulation